About the Family

Aviram Foundation is a registered association founded in 2021 by the businessman and entrepreneur Ziv Aviram and his four children: Gili, Nir, Noa, and Gal. The foundation continues the work and spirit of the family’s mother, Idit Aviram, who passed away from cancer in 2015. The foundation’s work reflects the family’s worldview and values – a combination of innovation, social involvement, connection to the land and nature of Israel, and providing opportunities to improve the daily reality of the citizens of Israel and the Middle East; these days, and in the future.

Innovation as an engine of improvement and combining business with social benefit for humanity has always been a part of Ziv Aviram’s ethos – from Mobileye, which created a revolution in the field of road safety and changed the transportation industry, to OrCam, which provides life-changing solutions for people with visual or hearing impairments.

Love of the land of Israel and its people is an integral part of the Aviram family’s heritage, as well as educating to initiate, be proactive, and promote technological literacy, research, and medicine in Israel. Thanks to the family’s diversity, business experience, and financial ability, the foundation will be able to influence in a variety of areas, provide opportunities to those who need it and create an improvement in the Israeli society and in the entire region.


Aviram Foundation was founded with a sense of duty and commitment of the family to promote values of community and providing professional, educational and financial resources for people, ventures and solutions that have the power to change the day-to-day reality for the better.

The foundation promotes social and community involvement using education for action, mentoring, and creating opportunities. The foundation has set itself a goal to harness the experience and tools of the business world and combine technology and entrepreneurship with doing good in order to fulfill ideas and solutions that will enhance the quality of life in the society and environment.

Our Activities

Innovation and technology – promoting ventures, especially in the tech industry, assisting and mentoring young entrepreneurs, and supporting solutions that combine technology and innovation for the greater good, as well as initiating regional and international collaborations to promote entrepreneurship that combines business with social benefit.
Education – creating opportunities for innovation and meaningful endeavors for new populations through involvement in education, training, mentoring, and facilitating entrepreneurial initiatives.
Connection to the land and nature of Israel – encouraging activities and ventures that promote the sense of community, which will lead to prosperity in the State of Israel and a connection between its citizens and nature.
Science, research, and medicine – support for scientific and medical research institutes, assistance in the development of the next generation of researchers, and contribution to various hospitals in order to promote innovative research and contribute to the development of professionalism, innovation, and excellence in the field.