Aviram Family Foundation And Forbes Launch ‘Aviram Awards – Tech For Humanity’

The Aviram Family Foundation and Forbes have launched a new annual competition called “Aviram Awards — Tech for Humanity” that will spotlight ground-breaking Middle Eastern and North African startups developing innovative solutions to today’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. It makes sense that the Foundation is offering such a program for those two parts of the world.

Aviram Family Foundation (website)

In this way, the Aviram Family is continuing Israel’s long tradition of engaging the emerging nations of Africa by offering them aid. In the first decades after its independence, Israel had its own version of the Peace Corps where Israelis went to Africa to teach Africans agricultural tech that had been innovated in Israel where deserts were turned into farms. And as far as the Middle East is concerned, this is just another example of how the Abraham Accords continue to offer peaceful cooperation and development between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

Aviram Awards – Tech for Humanity is looking for trailblazing entrepreneurs across the region who are dedicated to giving back to humanity through the use of technology and innovation. This competition will gather the region’s top entrepreneurs together on one stage for the first time at an event in Dubai in March 2022.

The Aviram Awards – Tech for Humanity, is the first competition of its kind aimed at young and promising entrepreneurs in the Middle East who work to change the day-to-day reality and improve the lives of the world population through business, innovation, and technology. The challenge will bring together entrepreneurs from Israel, Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, and Jordan, creating a leading regional force in the field of innovation.

The Foundation explains that the competition deals with solutions that contribute to humanity in a variety of areas: healthcare, transportation, narrowing social gaps, community, the environment, and more. This is the first major event of the Aviram Family Foundation and is a continuation of Ziv Aviram’s vision of the business, innovation, and technology as tools to create social change, which has always been a part of his entrepreneurial mission.

“At Forbes, we have a long history of celebrating the power of entrepreneurship to solve some of society and the environment’s biggest challenges, so we are really excited to be partnering with the Aviram Family Foundation to spotlight a new generation of start-ups in the Middle East and North Africa,” said Randall Lane, Chief Content Officer & Editor, Forbes. “There is so much untapped potential across the Middle East and North Africa just waiting to be uncovered and nurtured.”

The Aviram Family Foundation is a registered association founded in 2021 by the businessman and entrepreneur Ziv Aviram and his four children: Gili, Nir, Noa, and Gal. The foundation continues the work and spirit of the family’s mother, Idit Aviram, who passed away from cancer in 2015. The foundation’s work reflects the family’s worldview and values – a combination of innovation, social involvement, connection to the land and nature of Israel, and providing opportunities to improve the daily reality of the citizens of Israel and the Middle East; these days, and in the future.

Credit: jewishbusinessnews Alan Gallindoss 25.01.2022