'Doing good must become main mission of the business world'

Israeli entrepreneur Ziv Aviram headlines Birthright Israel Excel ceremony in which some 200 participants graduated from prestigious fellowship program.

Israeli entrepreneur Ziv Aviram, who co-founded the revolutionary autonomous vehicle technology firm Mobileye, took part in the Birthright Israel Excel event on Aug. 10 marking the graduation of the participants in its 2022 fellowship program.

During the event, which took place at the Peres Center for Peace & Innovation, Aviram spoke before some 200 graduates and their mentors, as well as the Birthright Israel Excel leaders.

“A year and a half ago, my four children and I decided to establish a family foundation to do good for humanity and connect the business and social worlds for one common goal. Today, it’s no longer just about corporate responsibility. Doing good must become the main mission of the business world,” Aviram said, recalling the inaugural event his foundation held in Dubai to promote regional collaboration on technology in the spirit of the Abraham Accords, the collective name for the 2020 peace agreements between Israel and four Arab states from the Gulf and Africa. “Our first project at the Aviram Foundation is the Aviram Awards, a startup competition in the Middle East that debuted last March to promote and encourage startups to do good for humanity using technology and tools in the business world,” he added.

Noa Aviram, the co-chair of the Aviram Foundation, participated in a panel at the event. The panel addressed entrepreneurship and social responsibility in the business world. She said, “The desire to do good and the motivation to have a positive impact on the world are essential to the success of social entrepreneurs. By competing for the Aviram Awards, we as a foundation can support these entrepreneurs and make a difference by connecting the business world and the social world.”

Ziv speaking

Birthright Israel Excel was formed in 2011 in the wake of the success of the ongoing Birthright Israel program, which has brought hundreds of thousands of Jews for a 10-day tour of Israel. It is a business fellowship that begins with a summer internship in Israel and continues in the years after as a community focused on professional development and personal growth.

“Birthright Israel Excel was created to develop the next generation of Jewish business leaders. The vision of this program is multi-dimensional: to deepen the ties of participants to the State of Israel so they emerge as future Jewish leaders who want to preserve the identity, heritage, and welfare of the Jewish community; to encourage the next generation of international Jewish business leaders to strengthen the future of global corporate policy towards the State of Israel; and to foster the development of a think tank of innovative ideas with collaboration between international and Israeli companies.” the organization says on its Facebook page

Credit: Israel Hayom 14.08.2022 17:09